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Just found out about the new Access album...... attempting to locate!

Been a While

So it's been a while since I wrote here and just felt like posting something. Still working at the same place since college, but I might be getting another job on the side doing web design. I'm also looking at going back to school in January and that makes me excited and happy, so here is to hoping that will get going. Not much more then that going on, work has been very random, staggered shifts from morning to closing so I'm tired alot right now :( but that is to be expected as well. hmmm.... got nothing else, hope I find something else to write about soon. ^^

Random Rant (beware of content)

(( Please be aware that there is abusive content within))

Ahh, fucking whore, I hate girls like this because they are cunts! A friend of mine was just talking to his ex a few days ago and they seemed to be doing fine. They talked and laughed and generally just got to talking like friends. Now the catch is that they both still love each other, a lot, like not good that they aren't a couple a lot. So when he is leaving this bitch who is his ex throws out this lovely little piece. "I want to be completely honest with you, I slept with your best friend while we were dating."
OK so he isn't some freaking saint but, HE didn't cheat on her sleaze bucket ass. She has been an abusive bitch to him for the past two months after they broke up. She has yelled at him, slapped him, and threatened to call the cops on him for 'harassment' because he refused to give her his new number.
I freaking hate girls like her, she dumped him because she didn't want the obligation of not sleeping around. She after giving him the ultimatum of it's me or no one slept with his freaking bestfriend. What TYPE of FUCKING BITCH are you, you no good puss filled sack of shit! Really, what is wrong with you? Can you not get it that reality doesn't work how you want so you can't magically make it perfect! This is the reason you didn't get into jet, this is why you will never reach your expectations unless you BLOW you fucking boss you Whore!


.... Alright, I feel better now. To bad I can't make him better, all I want to do is claw her eyes out right now because what she did is below low. It is down right disgusting.

Not quite dead

New semester is here and I'm working a lot, been using the head set at work more. I don't like it very much but that is because it tends to fall off me head at any given chance. But really it is interesting work sometimes and others it is just a WTF fest.

About a week ago was the grosses call I have ever received, here in the conversation:

Me: Thank you for calling Best Buy ---- speaking how may I help you?

Customer: Um... I need to talk to geek squad or computers.

Me: Well sir I might be able to help you, what is the problem?

Customer: Well I bought this laptop ten days ago and it stopped working.

Me: I'm sorry to hear that, what happened?

Customer: well...... (long pause) I was watching a movie and something spilled all over the keyboard.

Me: Pardon sir what was that?

Customer: I was watching a movie and I spilled something, if you KNOW what I mean.

Me:.... Sir we don't cover that sort of spill.... it's considered user error.

Customer: Well I'm still within my return period.

Me: We won't take that back sir.

Customer: Well I still want to talk to someone in computers.

Me: Alright but they are busy so the call might not go through.


short, I'm not dead post

Alright been forever since I posted but I'm still alive, been playing a new game called Dream of Mirror online, if anyone has some time I would say give it a shot, it's loads of fun.


Got the Kitties fuzzy mice for Christmas, a great gift for any kitten.... to bad one of them isn't smart enough not to chase it into the counter door, wall, table leg, and ect.... >.> .... <.< ... ^-^ Merry Christmas everyone!

Things that are strange

1) Getting cut off by a wheelchair, while driving. (note it was motorized)

2) Getting hit on over the phone. (asked for my phone number and when declined offered his own)

3) Asked if there is a cassette to CD burner...

4) One Missed Call 2, there is a ghost caused by a ghost, caused by well... watch the movie.

5) How Best Buy can sell DVD titles like "Sex Club" but will not place Gakuen Heaven 3 and 4 on shelves.(boys love anime after they sold one and two in stores)

6) Japanese rap... need I say more?

Feel free to add to the list ^_^


There are things in this world that are just to freaking funny to pass up laughing at and I think this is one of them. (Note: that for best affect read the comic as the video is playing)

What makes this such a gasp? Watch the video and find out!

Oh for the love of....

Best Buy is really big on brainwashing.... I mean training it's employees. Here is one of the many examples of how they provide their employees with 'encouragement' and 'empowerment' for the black friday (known by the company as green friday).

Ok fan-girl moment here, there is so things that really really remind my why I'm such a gamer. The following is one of them:

Meet the main character for Final Fantasy Versus XIII. He is the main character for one of the four games geared to air sometime this or next year. The games are a celebration of the Square Enix's 13th game in the series. Along with Versus there will also be FFXIII, FF Heresy XIII, FF Agito XIII which are all features under the umbrella title FABULA NOVA CRYSTALLIS Final Fantasty XIII. Crossing platforms the games will be featured on both PSP and mobile phone as well as the next-gen PS3.